THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Viral Begins – Who Is Dr Leonid Pavel?

A new photo has been granted us of Dr. Leonid Pavel, the mysterious doctor who will be played by Alon Aboutboul…

Matt Holmes


Later today, selected members of the press will bare witness to the six or seven minutes prologue to The Dark Knight Rises that we know is attached to 70mm IMAX prints of Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol. Whether the press are under embargo or not, you an expect a reaction and full description to hit the web today, even if it is just from a rogue reporter who feels like he has nothing to lose by spilling.

Outside of the already released trailer, this will be the first footage from the actual film shown to anybody outside of Warner Bros and the lucky few who might have been given a glimpse along the way.

The marketing for the film now certainly feel like it is ramping up and over at Empire and Wired yesterday, the beginnings of the latest viral marketing campaign seems to have emerged. A new photo has been granted us of Dr. Leonid Pavel, the mysterious doctor who will be played by Alon Aboutboul and was cast late for the film and who perhaps has a more significant role than we previously thought. The character is not part of Batman lore and has been created specifically for the film.

The two pages leaked are below and they include redacted files of Pavel which carry the phrases; “Dr. Leonard Pavel disappeared on [redacted] headed a Russian nuclear facility” and an extensive dialogue session between him and a CIA station militia chief.

Very, very interesting but we can presume with the prologue for The Dark Knight Rises now so close to being released that all this stuff has something to do with Bane’s origin and specifically his mask. Perhaps Pavel is using some chemicals from the nuclear facility for Bane’s mask or something like that?

Anyway check back later today and keep an eye out on the web for The Dark Knight Rises prologue description and remember to book your IMAX tickets for Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol now for release a week on Friday before it’s too late. Something tells me those screenings will be popular. Full list of where it is showing HERE.