The Disturbing Truth Behind Avengers: Infinity War

4. It Will "Change Everything"

MCU Phase 4
Marvel Studios

Right now, Marvel are using the "everything will be different" line as a positive marketing mantra. They're trying to tell us that the stakes in Infinity War and Avengers 4 are so high that expecting anything to be the same afterwards is just plain idiotic. And while that might be a good move for Infinity War's marketing in the short-term, it's a terrifying prospect for any business or fandom.

In the backs of their minds, Marvel Studio's big brains will know both that messing with the brand is suicidal and that the last time Marvel did it - in the comics world - with All-New, All-Different Marvel, it didn't quite go to plan. They promised difference - particularly in their aporoach to big event story-lines and they're already defaulting to what they've always done. Because - and this really isn't rocket science - fans actually quite like continuity.

They don't want New Coke, they want Coca Cola: that same, delicious dependable flavour that might get comfortable but which doesn't start throwing curveballs into the mix. The idea of Phase 4 being Marvel's New Coke should be terrifying, even with the opportunity to do more new things, and Marvel know precisely that.

Why else have they already announced sequels for Spider-Man, Guardians and Black Panther, with Black Widow to come and a Doctor Strange sequel looking as likely as a third Ant-Man? They know that they can't hope to deliver on the "it changes everything" mantra AND keep their fans happy.

So they're faced with the unenviable task of innovation AND continuity simultaneously, and frankly, that spells compromise for the two upcoming Avengers movies.

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