The Flash: Sam Raimi, Matthew Vaughn And Robert Zemeckis In Talks To Direct?

It's beginning to look very interesting...

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When director Rick Famuyiwa exited the stand-alone The Flash movie, it was widely assumed that Warner Bros were facing another DCEU crisis of their own making. Emotional exaggerations poured forth, including questions of whether the film would ever get off the ground, but it looks like it could have been a blessing in disguise.

Now that the director's chair is open, we've got a short-list of possible directors who would even actually be considered a step up.

There was already news - from Screenjunkies - that Back To The Future's Robert Zemeckis was under consideration - though Umberto Gonzalez of The Wrap claimed that wasn't true, before promptly revealing the same news as his own "exclusive scoop", and now a couple more names have been thrown in the ring.

Variety have added the name of Kick-Ass and Kingsman director Matthew Vaughn to the studio's apparent short-list and even more excitingly, The Hollywood Reporter have also added that Spider-Man director Sam Raimi is under consideration.

Hopefully, the fact that Vaughn has a third Kingsman upcoming and Zemeckis has a November 2018 project with Steve Carrell won't put them out as serious contenders. Sam Raimi's schedule appears to be a lot more clear, which might make him an easier candidate, given Warner Bros' notoriously tight deadlines on DCEU movies.

THR say that Warner Bros are willing to wait for front-runner Zemeckis if he wants to do it, making him the top choice, and he would be a smart one (particularly as he'd match the tone that Warner Bros seem to want to capture with the big screen Flash). But this short-list is great in all respects, and it would be good to see any of the options take the job on.

Who would you like to direct The Flash? Share your picks in the comments thread.

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