The Liability is the tale of a seasoned assassin hoping to retire named Roy (Tim Roth), who gets teamed with a young, enthusiastic driver, Adam (Jack O’Connell) for his next job (as a result of Adam owing a ruthless local crime boss, played by Peter Mullan).

It should be a quick and easy hit, but the two find themselves at a cross-roads as Roy becomes increasingly desperate to escape this life, while Adam is drawn ever more into it, gaining a taste for killing. However, things get even dicier when a beautiful, enigmatic young woman (Talulah Riley) witnesses one of their murders, which by the professional hitman code, suggests that she must also be taken care of. Soon, it becomes clear that her coming into the fold is no accident, complicating their situation considerably.

Boasting strong visuals and a pulsing soundtrack, The Liability promises to be another potent demonstration of Tim Roth’s immense talents. Having starred in the likes of Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs for Quentin Tarantino, he rose to even higher prominence by starring in the hit US TV show Lie to Me. He has been seen most recently returning to British cinema, most notably in the critically acclaimed drama Broken (which screened at least year’s London Film Festival) alongside Cillian Murphy. His appearance in The Liability continues this tradition, with a committed performance of a complex character.

Check out the above World Exclusive clip shows Adam meeting hit-man and consummate professional Roy for the first time. As he tries to negotiate the particulars of the job, it’s clear that he’s in at the deep end.

The Liability is released on May 17th. Don’t miss it!

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This article was first posted on May 7, 2013