The Lord Of The Rings: 11 Dumb Moments Everyone Ignores

Making the longest trilogy ever EVEN LONGER.

Peter Jackson managed to pull off a minor miracle: he made J.R.R. Tolkien€™s work accessible to the mainstream public with his brilliant adaptation of The Lord of the Rings, a series that many considered to be unfilmable. Before that, most of the non-fantasy reading public was likely to think of elves as the little guys that work in Santa€™s North Pole workshop, making toys. Isn€™t Spock some kind of elf? And didn€™t Gollum get a mention in an old Led Zeppelin song, somewhere? Hardcore fans missed a few things: notably Tom Bombadil (who did appear in The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey) and the Scouring of the Shire. Some took umbrage with the changes in tone and themes running through the plot and characters. But in a series that runs three hours each in the theaters (or four hours each if you watch the Extended Editions on DVD/Blu-ray), there€™s some extraneous material that probably should have been purged in the scriptwriting sessions. They might serve as a mild amusing aside, or be a nod to the folks who have obsessed over the trilogy as youths, but they really don€™t add that much to the story. Others are tropes that get tiresome after they've happened several times. With that in mind, we present 11 moments that can be ignored or quickly passed over in favor of the next scene. It goes without saying that there are spoilers ahead, but how many of you reading this site are likely to have not seen the films?

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