Famke Janssen

Bringing up Bobby marks the directorial debut of former X-Men star Famke Janssen. What Culture had a chat with the beautiful Dutch actress recently ahead of the film’s DVD release next week – we’ll have the full interview up for you in a little while – and inevitably talk turned to the X-Men franchise.

We asked Janssen what it was like watching a franchise she was initially part of evolve without her, since any rumoured cameo is yet to be unveiled as part of Bryan Singer’s pre-release marketing campaign…

“I think that the X-Men series is a really successful one in constantly finding new and additional characters, or younger versions of the same characters to explore. Of course the X-Men as a comic book has so many characters that filmmakers can explore. I like what they’re doing. I think that they’ve always chosen really fine actors.

With X-Men: First Class you had Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence and James McAvoy so it’s amazing the kind of actors they keep getting for these. It’s a classy series so I’m proud to be a part of it”.

Was that last line a hint that she continues to be a part?

However, while she mostly remained tight-lipped on her involvement in this summer’s release The Wolverine, she did give a little detail that confirmed the nature of her appearance and settled some rumours.  The trailer for The Wolverine features a brief glimpse of her Jean Grey, prompting some fans to speculate on her rise from the grave, but it seems that isn’t the case, as Janssen confirmed:

“I couldn’t tell you [how much I’m in it]. It’s a flashback sequence, but that’s all I can say. You’ll just have to wait until July!”

Keep tuned to WhatCulture for more of our interview with Famke Janssen.

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This article was first posted on May 8, 2013