Thor: Ragnarok - 10 Best Moments

The greatest moments from Thor's finest adventure.

Thor Ragnarok Hulk Thor
Marvel Studios

The much-anticipated Thor: Ragnarok has begun its worldwide rollout, and though the film does at times feel overly constrained to the formula of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it is nevertheless a rejuvenating shot in the arm for the franchise.

Director Taika Waititi and his illustrious cast have done a fantastic job making Thor's third solo movie far and away his best, thanks to a litany of unforgettable moments, many of which stand among Phase Three's most entertaining to date.

In fact, there were enough great moments that whittling them down to just ten was no easy task, and the likes of Thor kicking a** to Led Zeppelin and Hela dismissing Asgard's Infinity Gauntlet as "fake" didn't even make the cut.

These 10 moments, from shockingly risque gags to outrageously fun action beats, death scenes and everything in-between, delivered the very best of what a balls-to-the-wall Thor movie should be, and the sort of inspired insanity the MCU should aim for more often...


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