Thor: Ragnarok - 26 Easter Eggs & References You Must See

1. The Post-Credits Scene

Infinity War Gauntlet Thanos
Marvel Studios

The final shot of the film sees Thor on his stolen Sakaarian freighter ship transporting what remains of the Asgardians to find their new home. He sits on his new "throne" as the King and seems resolved to seek out new worlds and new civilizations. To boldly go... No, not that bit.

Anyway, as they set off on their intrepid journey, an ominous shadow is cast over the ship's bridge and a huge ship appears seemingly out of nowhere (in reality, they would have noticed it before they do, but let's not nit-pick here).

It's not confirmed, but the size of it can only mean it belongs to Thanos, which is literally the only presence he has in the entire movie, despite suggestions Ragnarok would be a huge step towards Infinity War.

Did you spot any other Easter Eggs in Thor: Ragnarok? Share your suggestions below in the comments thread.

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