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The trailer for October’s hero-fest, and Marvel’s next ‘Phase 2′ instalment following the imminent Iron Man 3, Thor: The Dark World debuted today, much to the delight of fan-boys and fan-girls worldwide.

Following the events of last year’s Avengers movie, when Thor teamed up with some of Earth’s mightiest heroes (such as Hulk, Iron Man and Captain America) to repel the threat of his own brother and an extra-terrestrial army, Thor is to go it alone again in an attempt to defeat his mightiest foe to date – Malekith (Christopher Eccleston) – who intends to plunge the universe in to darkness.

The trailer has generally received positive criticism (apart from the fact that Loki has long, messy hair in it, which seems to be deemed unacceptable by some people) but it has raised more questions than it has answers, and some of what it has revealed had already been anticipated by the masses, but let’s have a look at five things that have been confirmed by the trailer regardless…


5. Loki’s Redemption

Thor Dark World 3

Following his deception in Thor and his outright villainy in the Avengers, Loki (Tom Hiddleston) is set to redeem himself in Thor: The Dark World.

As Thor and his heroic friends find themselves in mortal danger, we see that the God of Thunder must swallow his pride and ask his shamed adopted brother for assistance in his desperate situation. After asking, Thor explains in no uncertain terms that any further deception from Loki will result in Thor killing him, to which Loki agrees, asking “when do we start?”

So, at the very least we can assume that Loki is on the good guys’ team for a short amount of time, which will surely please the cult following that Hiddleston’s interpretation of the God of Mischief has amassed.

How long this redemption will last, however, is another matter entirely, but it will be fantastic to see Loki fighting alongside his brother again following his turn for the worse in his previous Marvel cinematic universe outings.

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This article was first posted on April 23, 2013