Tom Hardy has only recently begun to grace our big screens with his presence on a regular basis and solidify himself as a rising star to watch. Though appearing in many TV series, miniseries, and films in the British entertainment industry, it wasn’t until a few short years ago when his fame exploded and sent him flying straight into Hollywood with the help of a little dream. Hardy follows the trend of the attractively-immature actor we see nowadays taking the film industry by storm. He doesn’t have the old Hollywood class that is usually present in male actors and is not too concerned about his image. Instead he brings a youthful, more modern, and fresh approach that oozes of charm and dare I say, swag.

His original roles are often those of the misunderstood-slick-loner-softy type, which might seem like a very broad description, but as you read on, it’ll be clear. His roles are often never disliked, which adds to his general positive reception as an actor. Even when he finds himself in a role that is meant to be disliked, there is yet again a certain charisma and snap to his take on the character that draws the audience in.

This article will rank his most recent feature film roles of the current decade, which ironically works out. As a huge fan of his work myself, I have nothing but praise for him. Though some of the films he was in were questionable to say the least, I will be looking solely at his characters, his performances, and his takes in each of the six roles his career has found him.

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This article was first posted on September 22, 2012