You better watch out… You better not cry… Better not pout… I’m telling you why… Santa Claus is coming to town!

He’s making a list… And checking it twice… Gonna find out who’s naughty and nice… Santa Claus is coming to town!

He sees you when you’re sleeping… He knows when you’re awake… He knows if you’ve been bad or good… So be good for goodness sake!

Although the lyrics to the well-known Christmas song is beginning to sound creepy, you cannot deny that it is the season to be jolly (or get trolleyed in some cases) as Santa Claus is coming to town (and most likely to a screen near you).

To get into the festive spirit I have compiled a list of Top 10 Santa Clauses On Film… I’m sure you probably think you have guessed all the typical upcoming choices, and perhaps quite rightly so, but you better watch out as a few unconventional saints (and arguably sinners) await you…

So put down those mince pies and let’s get started!

10. Mean Girls (2004)

OK…So these famously perky, pubescent, plastic princesses aren’t exactly meant to represent Santa Claus in Mean Girls. BUT you cannot deny their rendition of Jingle Bell Rock is laughably legendary. I’m even confident that many guys will agree to loving this chick flick!

Cue in: Lindsay Lohan (as scheming Cady Heron), Rachel McAdams (as Queen Bee-tch Regina George), Lacey Chabert (as paranoid Gretchen Wieners) and Amanda Seyfried (ditzy Karen Smith with weather forecasting nipples). Insert a lashing of rosy lip gloss, sexy snowy rimmed red PVC minis, and foxy festive fever. These bubbly b****es dressed in Santa-themed outfits have made me giggle more than many Father Christmas characters I have watched throughout the years.

These Jingle Belles Rock!

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This article was first posted on December 5, 2012