Transformers 4: 5 Villains We’d Love To See

Villains can make or break a movie or a story. You need great villains to get the viewers or readers…

Mike Fraser



Villains can make or break a movie or a story. You need great villains to get the viewers or readers to sit up and take an interest in the battles between good and evil, as well as the threat these villains pose to not only the heroes but to humanity as well. The last few Transformers movies from Michael Bay had your typical villains from the Transformers Universe, but I always felt that Bay didn’t dig deep enough to bring some of the cooler or even lesser known villains from this universe to the big screen.

We all knew we were getting Soundwave, Megatron and Starscream, that was a given. What about some of the bad guys that we may have forgotten about or felt should have been on the big screen by now. Well, Transformers 4 is being worked on as we speak and I like to take this time to put together this list of 5 villains that should be brought to life in Michael Bay’s next big screen Transformers incarnation.

5. Insecticons


Shrapnel, Bombshell and Kickback were always a threat to the Autobots in the series as well as in the comics. The leader, Shrapnel has the ability to harness the power of electricity from storm clouds and use that energy against the enemy.  Shrapnel also has the ability to clone himself as well as the other members of the Insecticons. With this type of power it wouldn’t take him long to get a small army built up to bring destruction on the Autobots.

Bombshell is the brains behind the robot bugs. Bombshell is able to control other robots by implanting cerebral shells in their heads. This could make for an easy infiltration of the Autobots and bring on some quick destruction.

Kickback, who not only has a strong back kick, is also good at blackmailing. He might not be an offensive juggernaut on his on but when put together with his Insecticon partners could pose an elite threat to Earth and the Autobot protectors.  This triumvirate of team mates should not be overlooked as weak members, but be given the chance to shine on the big screen and flex their muscles in this ongoing war.