Venom: Riz Ahmed In Talks For "Popular Marvel Character"

Could it be Carnage?

Riz Ahmed Venom

Though the fact that it isn't linked to the MCU and won't feature Tom Holland's brilliant Peter Parker might have put Sony's Venom movie on a poor foundation, but the casting of Tom Hardy and the addition of Carnage as the villain put it back well on the right path.

Now there's more news to go on the positive side as it's being reported that Riz Ahmed is in talks for a key role in the stand-alone movie.

Variety say that Ahmed will play a “popular Marvel Comics character” if he beats Matt Smith, Pedro Pascal, and Matthias Schoenaerts to the role.

Intriguingly The Hollywood Reporter say the role won't be Carnage, despite the fact that he was said to be playing the villain. They add that that was the role Ahmed was initially eyed for, but the script has changed and that's no longer the case. He's up for someone else, which is a bit of a mystery.

But Carnage might not be entirely off the table. Jeff Sneider from The Tracking Board says one trustworthy source is saying it will be Carnage, while another isn't as sure. For now, it could go either way, but it would be very interesting to see Ahmed (or Pedro Pascal, who is glorious) take on the character's human side.

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