Venom: Tom Holland's Spider-Man Could Actually Appear

So maybe it IS tied to the MCU?

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Despite rumour and counter-rumour that Sony's Venom movie is attached to the MCU leading semi-officially to it being called an "adjunct" to Marvel's series, nobody is quite sure exactly what the relationship between the two timelines is going to be.

For some, the idea of a Venom movie - and also any Spiderverse spin-off made by Sony - that doesn't include Spider-Man is just wrong, but those people may be a little more excited today thanks to a rumour from Collider. They say that Tom Holland's Spider-Man could be set to appear in the spin-off, counter to past speculation.

Kristian Harloff, head of development for Collider Video, shared a tease on Twitter that Collider Video host Jon Schnepp reveals the news on Collider Movie Talk and while it hasn't been released yet, it seems inevitable that it's going to whip up a storm. Good way to market your videos that.

If Holland's Spider-Man did appear, it would be impossible to resist the direct link between the film series, no matter what Kevin Feige has previously said. And given that Spidey is ostensibly still Sony's character, it's not all that surprising that they would call in their prized asset - even just for a cameo.

If this does prove to be the case, it's no bad thing: Spider-Man fans will have more reason to go and see Venom, Sony get the marketing kick of linking to the MCU and Marvel get more attention for Holland's Spidey before more appearances in the MCU. And it's unlikely he's going to play a major part when the film is focused on Eddie Brock as the protagonist - a cameo seeding a movie starring both of them in future is far more likely.

It's perhaps best to think of it as the same sort of appearance as Batman made in Suicide Squad? Still, exciting stuff.

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