Warcraft Review – 4 Ups And 6 Downs

Still waiting on that great video game movie.

Warcraft Ups Downs
Universal Pictures

Rating: ˜…˜…

You know those videos where some enterprising YouTuber takes all the cutscenes from a game and edits them together into a movie, except there€™s massive gaps where the gameplay would be, so everything's reliant on in-the-moment-randomness and ultimately makes no sense? A let€™s play without the play, essentially? Well that€™s what Warcraft is.

It's a confusing, empty film and, while it may not be quite as damnable as some are making out (it's no 2016 companion to Fant4stic or anything), it's a pretty resounding disappointment whatever your thoughts going into it.

The advertising didn't do much to instil faith, but I really wanted this one to be good. It€™s Duncan Jones. High-fantasy deserves better than all the Rings rip-offs since 2003. This year has already had its fair share of duds. But most of all, we need that break-out video game movie that doesn€™t suck and, while this tried hard, it€™s flopped. Let€™s not get to the end of year and have Angry Birds (which is totally serviceable, even if its plot is garbage btw) be the best we could do. It€™s all up to you Fassbender.

But while we wait for Assassin's Creed, let's take a look back over Warcraft and look at the four ups and six downs from the much belated WoW movie.


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