Warner Bros Want To Make Superman: Red Son Movie

Supes could be about to go full Russian.

Superman Red Son
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Big news, Superman fans: according to DenOfGeek, Warner Bros are considering making a Superman movie based on the notorious Superman: Red Son limited run.

Mark Millar's classic alternate universe story - which asked the question of what might have happened if Superman crash-landed in the Soviet Union rather than Kansas - has always been ripe for adaptation, but it poses a problem for an expanded universe approach to film releases.

It looks like the studio have less concerns about how a stand-alone What If style story would work alongside the DCEU mainline, as they appear to be very interested in the idea of adapting it. Kong: Skull Island director Jordan Vogt-Roberts revealed on Twitter that he’d pitched a Red Son movie to Warner Bros “months ago”, suggesting to them that “it’s the most punk rock thing the DCEU could do in my mind”.

The director sent fans into rapturous rumour-mongering when he engaged with Mark Millar on Twitter, with the pair trading quirky messages...

...Before Vogt-Roberts casually mentioned he'd pitched for Red Son...

And then Millar seemed to confirm that Warner Bros are indeed welcoming pitches for the movie, even if Vogt-Roberts was passed over...

It turns out that Millar isn't actually involved - which is slightly odd - as he confirmed to DenOfGeek when they reached out to him (and they suggested he's not actually all that interested in it anyway as he's already a busy man). The studio is very much leading the idea.

Still, Millar openly wondered whether it will actually come to full realisation at all:

"Is this something they're genuinely planning? I have no idea... I've got pals at Warner Bros but never discussed it with them. I think they're just going through their back catalogue of big books and hoping to lure in good directors as opposed to any particular interest in developing Red Son".
"There's always 50 conversations for every comic book movie that gets made and as far as I know this is something that is very much just at conversation stage."

So that would suggest that the DCEU could be split into different alternate realities to accommodate stand-alone splinter stories - which is something the MCU should have entertained themselves long ago (not least to get Marvel Zombies off the ground).

A very interesting development, this.

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