Watch Ryan Kwanten As Marvel's Eddie Brock In 'Truth in Journalism' Short


Remember last year€™s Dirty Laundry short that played SDCC 2012, with Thomas Jane reprising his Punisher role alongside Ron Perlman?

The director, Joe Lynch (of Wrong Turn 2 and the long coming Knights of Badassdom) returned to Comic Con this year with another Marvel inspired short that takes another fan favorite character and spins a clever little story for them. Running about 17 minutes, the film, entitled Truth in Journalism, follows a shady New York crime reporter who walks a French documentary crew through his day-to-day.

If you€™ve gotten this far without knowing who the character in question is, then you deserve the surprise and I won€™t spoil it here. I was impressed by Truth in Journalism even moreso than Dirty Laundry and I suspect fans are really going to eat this up, considering how poorly the character was treated in a more expensive recent production..

Produced by Adi Shankar, of The Grey, Dredd and Killing Them Softly, Lynch€™s film is eerily reminiscent of the dark found footage horror film Man Bites Dog, that had a docu crew profiling a serial killer. Ryan Kwanten, of True Blood, is the reporter and his eventual alter ego.

How about that final reveal, with Glenn Fry€™s €œYou Belong to The City€ playing? Also, is that Bullseye at the very end there?

Let us know what you think of this in the comments section below. Would Kwanten do this character justice on the big screen? Who else wants to see Marvel hire Joe Lynch and let him just make a slew of these things all across the board?


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