Watch STAR WARS: THE COMPLETE SAGA Blu-ray Deleted Scenes Preview

Lucasfilm releases a trailer at Comic Con for the much discussed delete scenes from the Star Wars trilogy that will appear on the forthcoming Blu-ray release.

Matt Holmes



It’s absolutely surreal to watch deleted scenes from the Star Wars saga when you are so familiar with every beat, every sound, every line of dialogue from the three figure times (probably) that you’ve seen the original trilogy. But here I am, watching a teaser for them. The only thing I can compare it to is when you watch yourself in a video that somebody has recorded of you and it’s not quite how you remember it, things are on different angles and the words being spoken just doesn’t sound like it did in your head.

Utterly surreal but fascinating and I truly can’t wait to see what treats Star Wars: The Complete Saga has in store for us on Blu-ray.

Those folks at Coming Soon have once again saved us the heartbreak of missing out on what is going on down in Comic Con by showing us the trailer that was revealed at the “Star Wars Fan Movie Awards’ panel.


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