What Song Is Used In The Terminator: Dark Fate Trailer?

Bjork: just what every cyborg needs...

Terminator Dark Fate

As ever, when a big trailer is dropped that uses music as as much of a presence as the Terminator: Dark Fate teaser did, fans will inevitably turn to the Internet to find out what the song was. Especially when it feels vaguely familiar.

The brooding tune used for the rebirth of Sarah Connor is called "Hunter" and is by RIAYA, with vocals by John Mark McMillan (chanelling Nick Cave as ever). But as fans of strange Icelandic electro pop will probably already know, it's not an original track.

We can give the trailer credit for not taking an upbeat pop song and shifting the composition to change the meaning, even though it does use part of that achingly fashionable trailer trope. Because the original - "Hunter" by Bjork - is more like a strange, moody dance song best suited to substance-aided parties.

Here's the song in full...

And here's the original by the Queen of the surreal herself...

Why this song is anyone's guess... The lyrics are vaguely fitting to the story and Terminators are hunters, but it's probably more to do with the trailer cutters liking how it matches the visuals.

Can't help but wonder why they didn't go all-out on something a bit more self-consciously batsh*t, to be honest. Can't win them all, though, can we.

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