What Your Favourite Star Trek Movie Says About You

Star Trek: Insurrection

Ruafos Flesh Stretching

After the success of First Contact, anticipation was high for the follow up. After all, they had the formula of what worked on the big screen and Jonathan Frakes was returning as director, what could go wrong?

To call Insurrection a let down would be an understatement. The plot about Picard & crew trying to prevent the forced removal of a planet€™s inhabitants, The Ba€™Ku, so that the Federation and The Son€™a can exploit the planet€™s secret for eternal youth, would have made a great TNG episode. Unfortunately as a big screen movie, just like Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, it tried to aim high but ultimately failed to cash in on the success and capture the momentum of the previous film.

Although not as bad as people think, it is regarded as the worst of the Next Generation run of movies.

What It Says About You:

Finally TNG gets back to what made you love the show. Ignoring all the action scenes, this film is a highlight for you because it is the last time you see the Next Generation crew do what made the series so special and stand out.

The Next Generation wasn€™t about fist fighting and blasting Borg, the show was at its best when it was making a moral argument and it allowed the friendship between the cast flourish. The forced evacuation of the Ba€™Ku has parallels with so many dark events in human history, it pleases you to know that people who see this film will also get an education on what is right and wrong. It also brings out the rebel in you, you always stand up for the little guy in a fight.

In fact, you believe that if you call yourself a true fan of The Next Generation, then this has to be your favourite film because it captures the spirit of TNG at its finest.

Favorite Moment In The Film:

Data talking about boobs.

Other Films You Like:

Big & Schindler€™s List.

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