Why Captain Marvel Will Forever Change The MCU

Girl. Power.

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We've been primed for years now to think of the end of Phase 3 of the MCU and the culmination of the Thanos Infinity Stones Saga as being the end of one era of the MCU. As Kevin Feige himself has openly stated, the studio is looking at surprising changes that might even mess with the established Phasal format.

It's already begun with the announcement of the MCU TV shows that will stream exclusively, possibly starting with Loki and Scarlet Witch (and hopefully taking in Korg and Miek, Hawkeye and Valkyrie) and we can expect some curve-balls when it comes to announcing the movies that will fill the slate around all of the expected sequels.

And rather excitingly, according to Feige, whatever shape that MCU takes specifically, it's not going to be led by the same heroes who guided the first three phases. With Captain America and Iron Man expected to be retired, we're going to see a new era defined by Spider-Man, Doctor Strange and - most importantly - Captain Marvel.

There's already a suggestion from the first Captain Marvel trailer and the pre-release marketing we've seen that Secret Invasion is going to be the major storyline for at least part of Phase 4 and with that in mind, it would make sense that she'll be the flag-bearing character for the franchise from now on. And it's an ingenious idea that should reinvent the MCU entirely and if anything make Marvel Studios even MORE money.

But how will one character and one movie change the MCU forever?

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