Why Morgan Freeman And His CV Deserve Your Respect

There is a bit of a controversy going on over in America (where else?) that besides the Obamacare controversy, Obama…

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There is a bit of a controversy going on over in America (where else?) that besides the Obamacare controversy, Obama gun control controversy, Obama is black controversy, North Korea controversy, the Iraq invasion controversy, Lincoln didn’t win the Oscar controversy, music/video pirating controversy, the immigrant controversy, bank bail out controversy, drone controversy, oil pipeline controversy, Ray-J controversy, baseball doping controversy, legalized marijuana controversy and FBI spying on the internet controversy some people still have the energy to be indignant at Morgan Freeman’s AMA (Ask Me Anything) interview on Reddit recently, claiming that it seems the interview itself was a hoax and that was not the 70 year old award-winning actor but some PR shill pretending to be Morgan Freeman.

Reddit’s AMA format has become quite popular as of late for celebrities to try and reach or get back new fans that have tuned out of the usual forms of mass media for promoting their newest projects. Morgan Freeman was scheduled to chat for an hour about all things Morgan Freeman but from the sounds of it, he chose it mostly to discuss his new project Oblivion or give short answers that many decided were not Morgan Freeman-like based on various evidence such as the use of too many exclamation points !!!!! or answers such as being into acting ‘for the money’.

That’s pretty serious stuff to accuse said actor and website of being involved in this type of internet shenanigans. As we all know the internet is based on integrity, grammar and porn. Merely posting a picture of Morgan Freeman apparently sleeping while also apparently being on AMA caused all sorts of ripples in darkened computer rooms throughout America.


So while America covers up their mild outrage after another mass shooting in ‘Pickaspot, Anywhere’ by focusing instead on what a lame internet interview Morgan Freeman or his PR person was, perhaps it’s best we take a look back on his illustrious career and see if this guy deserves the hate;

In a career spanning nearly five decades, it’s pretty evident that Morgan Freeman was never going to be playing Crack Addict #2 in some straight to video cops and robber shoot’m up. He has long acquired roles that spoke of the nobility and authority a black man could have, no matter what genre and as is evident for a man that has played God, the audience is accepting of that. He is a role model to black actors everywhere and together with James Earl Jones combine for two of the most distinctive and respected voices in entertainment. Kanye West should be taking notes on how to walk the walk and talk the talk from these two legends.


For a man who started his career decades ago with a certain popular children’s program it may seem peculiar that he gravitates towards roles that demand respect. Be it in law enforcement or the ultimate top cop in Bruce and Evan Almighty, it’s easy to see that ever since his early years, Morgan Freeman is a stickler when it comes to roles he accepts, starting as the infamous Count Dracula in the Electric Company.

Law Enforcement

Se7en Morgan Freeman

Mr. Freeman always looks good in a uniform or a beaten-down fedora and trench coat and he knows it. Never willing to be just another ‘cop on the beat’ it appears when he’s not actually running the force (coming up in a different category) never has he credited with a police rank below lieutenant. He’s the type of officer who always seems on the cusp of retirement, has the weight of society on his shoulders and one can almost sense that despite his weariness, he really doesn’t have time for any shenanigans. I think it’s safe to say his most memorable role was as Detective Lt. Somerset in Se7en.

1981 Texas Detective Michaels

1981 Eyewitness Lieutenant Black

1989 Johnny Handsome Lt. A.Z. Drones

1995 Se7en Detective Lt. William Somerset

2000 Under Suspicion Captain Victor Benezet

2003 Guilty by Association Police Lieutenant Redding