Why Zack Snyder Was Fired From Justice League

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Zack Snyder Fired

For all the narrative around the idea of Joss Whedon taking the reins of Justice League but very much guiding the film in the same direction as Zack Snyder, it seems that the original director may have been forced out.

That's according to former Mashable writer Josh Dickey, who revealed the "truth" of the matter on Twitter as he moved away from entertainment journalism and entered a DGAF mode, in his own words.

This should come as a surprise to fans who were initially fed the story that Snyder left to concentrate on a personal family tragedy with the word being that it was amicable and Whedon was coming in to essentially just finish up what Snyder had mapped out.

In reality, it seems Snyder joined the list of directors who were sacked from big name blockbusters because of some clash with the studio. Was it as simple as creative differences? Did Snyder dig his heels in on the vision he had been brought in to oversee and was then asked to give up on?

Whatever the case, Warner Bros - and everyone else involved - lied to cover the truth, possibly because they were preotecting their executive bonuses that would have disappeared if the film had been delayed. They needed everyone to accept that there wasn't a problem and that Justice League definitely didn't need to be delayed, so they fed us a narrative.

There were arguably lots of different reasons for the alleged sacking, but there are certainly some things you can pinpoint as being at least partly to blame...

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