Will Blumhouse's Magic 8 Ball Horror Movie Be Good? Signs Point To Yes

A surprising team-up between Mattel and Blumhouse might actually be great.


Blumhouse have legitimately gone from being an interesting horror studio to being a mark of quality similar to A24 and DogWoof, for anyone who keeps up with who makes and distributes their favourite films. If something comes out under their banner, people will go and see it because of that alone, which has got to be a matter for pride.

The company is now turning its attentions to a slightly strange property, though one that definitely has more than a whiff of inevitability about it. Not so long ago, it was revealed that Mattel were keen to get more into the movie making business by launching Mattel Films after some of their key rights deals with studios like Sony expired and we were told to expect movies for Barbie, He-Man and basically anything else they could reasonably licence.

Ironically, you probably wouldn't have predicted that one such movie would be the just announced Magic 8 Ball one that Mattel Films and Blumhouse are now teaming up for. Particularly as it's going to be a horror movie.

Truth Or Dare and Kick-Ass 2 director Jeff Wadlow is the man charged with directing it and writing along with partners Jillian Jacobs and Chris Roach, which makes sense given the Truth Or Dare precedent. If he can turn a similar profit from a smaller budget, Mattel will have scored a strong early win as they look to get their foot into the movie door.

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