Wonder Woman: 10 Biggest Questions It Leaves Unanswered

Did Bane just get an origin story?

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Like just about any comic book movie these days, Wonder Woman has left a litany of head-scratching questions in its wake, from the genuinely intriguing to the downright infuriating.

Even a movie as mostly standalone as this can't help but keep some mysteries hanging in the air, with particular regard to Diana's activities leading up to Batman v Superman and the fates of several key characters.

It'll remain to be seen how many of these questions will actually get official answers in the long run, as the movie's nature as a period piece means Warner Bros. may opt to keep most of its events very much in the past.

Also, while there are certainly probable answers to many of the questions, it's important to make peace with the fact that Zack Snyder, Patty Jenkins and co. may not feel compelled to directly answer them moving forward...

10. Why Did Diana Stop Being Wonder Woman?

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The Question: Batman v Superman seemed to suggest that Diana retired from being Wonder Woman due to a specific event, and most fans surely expected this to be Steve Trevor's demise.

However, the movie ends on a semi-optimistic note as Diana comes to learn the duality of man at the end of World War I, both their potential for destruction and also for selfless sacrifice.

So, if she was likely inspired by Steve's heroic act, what was the real reason she sent her superhero persona into exile? What event happened that was so spirit-breaking it made her sit out not only World War II, but also the Superman-Zod battle in Man of Steel, before finally returning to face Doomsday?

The Likely Answer: It's always possible future movies will show that Diana didn't retire Wonder Woman immediately after WWI and there was another incident which caused her to hang up the tiara.

However, it's more probable that this simply won't be answered, especially with Wonder Woman 2 reported to be set in the present-day, and the Justice League movies likely not having time to delve further into her backstory.

Basically, fans will probably be left to infer it's got something to do with Steve's death, which is pretty disappointing.


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