Wonder Woman 2: Title, Images, And The Return Of Steve Trevor Revealed

Welcome to the 1980s.

Steve Trevor Wonder Woman 1984
Warner Bros.

Director Patty Jenkins has released the first look at Wonder Woman 2 - and confirmed the unlikely return of Chris Pine's Steve Trevor.

While the movie's Cold War setting had already been confirmed, this is the first official news of Pine's involvement (which was first rumoured last year), with Jenkins also revealing the movie's title and a first look image.

Now known as Wonder Woman 1984, the image posted to Twitter shows a Steve Trevor clearly in the 1980s. Gal Gadot posted her own image too, further adding to the 80s aesthetic:

While the title confirms what year exactly the movie takes place in, it's the confirmation of Pine's return that is most intriguing given what happened at the end of the first movie.

Does this mean that he is somehow back from the dead? It's possible in a comic book universe, but would perhaps risk undermining his emotional exit in Wonder Woman. An easy alternative is that this is a descendant of his, such as a grandson, who happens to share the same name, but it could also be something much tricksier and comic book-y.

How do you think Steve Trevor will return? Are you excited for Wonder Woman 1984? Let us know down in the comments.

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