Wonder Woman Early Reviews Will Fill You With Confidence

"Dark and funny"?!

Wonder Woman Trailer
Warner Bros.

After waiting for decades to see Wonder Woman on the big screen, fans could have been forgiven for feeling a little dismal after it was repeatedly claimed that Patty Jenkins' big screen stand-alone was "in trouble" throughout the post-production period.

Add to that the complaints about the (non-existent) attempt by Warner Bros to market it into the ground so they didn't have to make female-led movies any more (seriously, guys, don't be idiots), and the more susceptible of fans might have been worried.

Luckily, the first brief reactions to the film - which screened on Friday - have hit the web and they all look pretty positive. At this stage even Twitter seems to be embargoed, but there are snatches of some reactions out there, and there's a very positive picture emerging.

Most of the positivity is aimed at Patty Jenkins' directing, Gal Gadot's performance and the action, and it all makes for intriguing reading:

In another now-deleted tweet, writer Marc Andreyko said that "Gal Gadot gives a beautiful, nuanced, powerful performance", which follows pretty closely to the way her performance in Batman v Superman was received.

It's all a bit vague at the minute, but it's good to hear that things are looking good for the film. Here's to it opening above $100m in the first weekend.

What do you think about these early reactions? Comment below with your excitement for Wonder Woman.

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