Zootropolis: 24 Easter Eggs & References You Probably Missed

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Let's get one thing straight; if you haven't yet seen Zootropolis (or Zootopia as it is far more cleverly titled in the US), you're wasting your life on inferior pursuits. After scoring major hits with both Frozen and Big Hero 6, the Mouse House has proved once more that it doesn't need help from Pixar (albeit besides John Lasseter) to make incredible movies.

Zootropolis is a charming, hilarious and heart-felt movie that is immersive, affirming and beautiful. It is yet another statement that the "cartoon" medium can be just as adult and just as stunning as live action, and that animation doesn't have to be aimed solely at children. If anything, the adult themes of integration - with some intriguing parallels to the American Civil Rights movement - and companionship are more suitable for grown-ups than they are kids.

As part of the film's exceptional eye for detail and commitment to be as rewatchable as possible, it is positively bursting with Easter Eggs, references and in-jokes, and since it's been out for some time, now is the perfect time to bring them all together in one place.

Chances are, fans will continue to pour over the movie and discover more treats in time, but for now, there are already a lot to relive and re-love again...

24. The Foreshadowing You Missed

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Long before the film came out, Zootropolis was hinted at in Big Hero 6 back in 2014. Back then, Nick was more of the hero and the story was vastly different. A poster can be spotted in the superhero animation when Baymax and Hiro fly around Sanfransokyo.

Additionally, in the same film, character Honey Lemon's phone case looks a lot like it's based on Nick Wilde (suggesting perhaps they've already seen Zootropolis in their timeline).

In a reciprocal move, one of the bootleg movies featured in Zootropolis is called "Pig Hero 6."

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