Zootropolis: 24 Easter Eggs & References You Probably Missed

13. Naked In-Jokes

Zootopia Yogi.jpg

The spiritual/nudist colony has a number of gags and references. First, as Tommy Chong's Yax takes Judy and Nick through to the outdoor area, Genie's lamp from Aladdin can be spotted on the right hand side of the doors. It's hidden in darkness, but it's certainly there.

Next up, the elephant Yoga instructor is called Nangi - a Hindi word that refers to naked people.

In the same area, as Judy and Nick look around, there's a bear copying another famous member of his species, as director Rich Moore confirmed:

€œThere are a couple of shots in the colony that are very reminiscent of Baloo€™s scratching scene during €˜Bear Necessities.'"

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