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10 Least Romantic Movies Ever Released On Valentine's Day

Cannibals, zombies and Steven Seagal.
By Ian Watson

10 Hot Movie Sex Scenes That Were Incredibly Awkward On Set

Sometimes it's hot and steamy. Most times it's awkward and sweaty.
By Jacob Trowbridge

Black Panther's TWO Post-Credits Scenes Explained

Stick around folks.
By Simon Gallagher

10 Comic Book Characters Who've Never Had A Decent Movie

Not so fantastic movies.
By Ian Watson

Black Panther Review: 10 Best Moments

What a wild ride.
By Jack Pooley

8 Reasons Ben Affleck Should Retire From Batman

It's not you Ben, it's me...
By William Jones

10 Best Anti-Valentine's Day Movies

As Adam Sandler memorably sang, love stinks.
By Ben Bussey

Black Panther Review: 9 Ups & 1 Down

A top-tier MCU offering.
By Jack Pooley

Why Zack Snyder Was Fired From Justice League

Good luck with your future endeavours...
By Simon Gallagher
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Metallica's James Hetfield Just Joined Zac Efron's Ted Bundy Movie

Rock god turns to acting.
By Simon Gallagher

13 Most Shocking Comic Book Movie Twists Of All Time

It was me all along, Thor...
By Simon Gallagher

10 Essential Avengers Villains Not Yet Used In The Movies

What are you waiting for, Marvel? Give us the goods! Or bads, in this case...
By Motzie Dapul

10 Huge Movies Already Confirmed For 2020 And Beyond

Believe it or not, there's a movie currently set for 2115...
By Danny Meegan

10 Thoughts Every Guy Had While Watching Fifty Shades Freed

By Danny Meegan

10 Best Picture Winners Everyone Is Far Too Harsh On

Believe it or not, Best Picture winners can be underrated.
By Robin Baxter

Avengers: Infinity War Toys Reveal Infinity Gauntlet And Thor's New Weapon

The God of Thunder is worthy again.
By James Hunt

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15 Movie Sequels That Will Definitely Be Announced In 2018

Bank on it.
By Jack Pooley

10 MCU Movie Cameos That Almost Happened

There was almost an actual Starman in Guardians Vol 2...
By Simon Gallagher

MCU: 10 Most Shocking Moments In Marvel Movies So Far

Shocking, sensational, stunning. Marvel has left fans reeling.
By Jack Otway

15 Greatest Guilty Pleasure Movies Of The 1980s

No decade did it trashier.
By Ben Bussey

12 Most Underrated Movies Of 2017

Shining a spotlight on the unsung heroes of film in 2017.
By Helen Jones

10 Sci-Fi Movie Flops That Were Actually Great

Failing at the box office was a cruel injustice for these awesome films.
By Robbie Back
+ Gaming

8 Video Game-To-Movie Adaptations That Get Way Too Much Hate

Not-so-flawless victories.
By Jacob Trowbridge

8 Hidden Messages You Never Noticed In Famous Movies

Until someone pointed them out to you anyway.
By WhatCulture
+ Comics

Venom Movie: 10 Reasons To Be Excited

It's Venom not as you know it. But is that necessarily a bad thing?
By Ewan Paterson

Fifty Shades Freed: 18 WTF Moments

They saved the weirdest for last.
By Jack Pooley

Fifty Shades Freed Review: 3 Ups & 7 Downs

You'll laugh. A lot.
By Jack Pooley

Deadpool 2 Trailer: Everything You Missed

Truffle Shuffle represent.
By Jack Pooley

10 Upcoming Movie Sequels Everyone Will Ignore

Unless you want a sequel to Deep Blue Sea.
By Ian Watson

Star Wars: Solo - 10 New Details Lucasfilm Just Revealed

It's true... all of it.
By James Hunt