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10 Movie Adaptations That Should Have Been TV Shows

Movies are not always the best option when it comes to adapting novels...
By Jacob Wilkins

Why Brie Larson's All-Female MCU Movie Should Be About The Valkyries

Everyone prefers the MCU's Valkyrie to Captain Marvel anyway, right?
By Fergal Harte

10 DC Villains Who Need Their Own Standalone Film

Are there any other DC villains deserving of the Joker treatment?
By Alex McMurray

13 Worst Performances In Otherwise Awesome Blockbusters

No more camp cops.
By Jack Pooley

Every X-Men Movie Villain Ranked Worst To Best

The best and worst bad guys to face Professor X's mutants...
By Simon Gallagher

10 Famous Directors Who Completely Changed Style For One Movie

And now for something completely different.
By Jacob Trowbridge

Sonic The Hedgehog's New Movie Design Has Leaked And It's Perfect

But then anything would have been better than what Paramount originally had.
By Josh Brown

Jason Bourne Is Coming To Universal Orlando Resort

Bourne is getting a theme park makeover in Stuntacular new show.
By Jen Gallie

Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 3: Predicting Which Character Dies

Ranking the Guardians most likely to die in James Gunn's threequel...
By Simon Gallagher

Disney Plus: 15 Biggest Movies Missing At Launch

Up, Tarzan and The Mighty Ducks?! What gives?
By Simon Gallagher

The Batman: Zoe Kravitz Is Catwoman!

Matt Reeves' Gotham City cast is shaping up...
By Simon Gallagher

Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban Quiz: Who Said It - Harry, Ron Or Hermione? Community

Can you tell who said these lines from The Prisoner of Azkaban?
By Simone Anderson Submit Your Content

Every Marvel Movie Missing From Disney Plus At Launch gallery

You're going to have to wait for your favourite MCU movies...
By Simon Gallagher

10 Weird Rules That Only Ever Work In TV & Movies

Oh my god that's so realistic!
By Matt Thompson

10 Terrifying Horror Villains The MCU Won't Use

The most messed up characters from the house of ideas that likely won't be making it to screen.
By John Tibbetts

10 Movie Characters Who Aren't What You Think

Mind. Blown.
By Jack Pooley

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World Quiz – True Or False?

Only true fans of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World will be able to get 100% on this quiz...
By Jacob Wilkins

Predicting The Rotten Tomatoes Scores Of 2019's Remaining Blockbusters

Despite the hate, Cats might end up clawing its way to a decent rating...
By Danny Meegan

10 Most Underrated Horror Movies Of The Decade

Tucker & Dale deserved way way better...
By Simon Gallagher

9 Weird Times Gaming Personalities Featured In Movies

Gaming's finest, hidden in plain sight.
By Jack Pooley

Top Cheesy Horror Films That Kill You With Cringe

This content is brought to you in association with LabSlots.
By WhatCulture

MCU Phase 4: Every Single Character Confirmed (So Far)

All the new and returning characters you need to know about...
By Simon Gallagher

El Camino: Every Breaking Bad Character That Appears

Revisiting some of the best, and worst, characters Breaking Bad has to offer.
By Scott Banner

The Irishman Review: 10 Ups & 1 Down

Scorsese delivers another all-timer instant classic.
By Jack Pooley

10 Actors Who Died As Heroes (& Then Lived To Become Villains)

Two-Face wasn't quite right about Keanu Reeves...
By Simon Gallagher

11 Powers You Didn't Know Thor's Hammer Has

As it turns out, Thor isn't even that powerful. It's actually his hammer that has all the powers.…
By Jake Black

10 Films With Awesome Animated TV Shows You Forgot Existed

Who ever thought Godzilla would need an animated spin-off?
By Ewan Paterson

Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets Quiz: Who Said It - Harry, Ron Or Hermione? Community

Which one of The Golden Trio said these lines from The Chamber of Secrets?
By Simone Anderson Submit Your Content

10 Best Easter Eggs Hidden On DVD Menus

The Joker trolls Batman fans.
By Jack Pooley

12 Kick-Ass Upcoming Movies Nobody Is Talking About

Zack Snyder's return to the zombie genre could be incredible...
By Simon Gallagher