12 Ingenious Ways To Make Awesome Fast Food Even Better

For all you radical fast-food connoisseurs who want to push the boat out, this one’s for you.

Clare Robertson



Deep frying a pizza is about as ingenious a culinary development as has ever been seen, but it’s far from the most ingenious hack that improves this kind of food. Try America’s latest craze: the McEverything Burger, but please don’t die.

Let’s be honest, we all love a cheeky takeaway – or feasting on some 2am greasy guilty pleasure – but have you ever wondered what it would be like if these delicious binges were even more indulgent?

Devilish treats like battered Mars Bars have left us hankering for more, but are we really making the most out of our sweet, sweet carb-cravings? If you’re a carb-o-holic, a sucker for a decent takeaway, or just have a desire for plain self-indulgence, you’re probably going to want to at least think about exploring one of these daringly darker options to binge eating. Why not try out one or two of these fascinating yet awesome ideas for combinations of greasy goodness? They’re there, ready and waiting to be put to the table. That is, with or without a knife and fork.

12. The ‘Parmo-Burrito’. Two Legendary Takeouts; One Legendary Meal


Love parmo, love burrito? Ever wondered what the two culinary delights would be like combined? Now is the time to ask these questions and embrace them in the form of one epic takeaway.

The ‘parmo’, a delicious grease feast originating from the North-East of England – a dish almost exclusive to the North – consists of deep fried chicken or pork coated in breadcrumbs, topped with generous lashings of cheese and béchamel sauce. It is also available in numerous forms: the Hawaiian parmo  (with slices of ham and fruity pineapple) or the bolognese parmo (yep, obviously) to name two. With so many different variations of this delightful takeout branching out, now seems like the perfect time to take it one step further, both Geographically, and in terms of calories.

Andy Elliott

To do this, ask for a naked burrito (which can be different variations of chilli and spicy beans) and smother it on top of a half-parmo wrap. Wrap the filling/deep-fried base together with the tortilla, and voila! Result? Mexico meets meat in some awesome food fest. As if a burrito – or a parmo for that matter – wasn’t already filling enough.