10 Annoying Video Game Moments That Made You Turn The Console Off

Dark Souls ain't got nothin' on Crash Bandicoot.

Crash bandicoot high road

Unlike in previous generations, most video games are now made to be as accessible and player-friendly as possible. But even when they allow you to kick back, relax and switch your brain off for ten hours or so, games still haven't entirely moved away from their high-score inspired hardcore origins that promoted punishing players as much as possible.

And even though contemporary releases have moved away from design philosophies like limited lives, time restrictions and manual save areas that often make titles more annoying than they need to be, developers still seem obligated to include moments that make you want to throw the whole console out the window.

But these player-hating moments aren't just reserved for your Dark Souls or Super Meat Boys either. Hell, even in the most kid-friendly games you find moments where it feels like you're doing nothing more than repeatedly running into a wall for hours trying to make progress, whether that's because of a difficulty spike out of nowhere or plain terrible design that decides to introduce you to new mechanics that don't at all fit with the rest of the game.

Moments like this can completely ruin an otherwise good game, and if they're really bad, an otherwise good controller.


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