Every year we’re blessed with a plethora of gaming offerings. From blockbusters to indies, video games have come along way. With that, the business of video games has also changed. Budgets are much bigger and much tighter. If an original game does not sell well, or if a sequel is not business friendly, it is possible for a franchise to fall into oblivion. As gamers, we clamor obsessively for a lot of titles that some publishers don’t deem fit to release. Here is a list of 10 of those games.

Disclaimer: While these games have been confirmed as cancelled, you never know what can happen…


10. Star Wars 1313


Why We Want To Play It:

LucasArts was using everything at their disposal to create this third-person shooter revolving around Boba Fett and his time in the underworld of level 1313. The game had a fantastic showing at E3 2012 that made Star Wars fans, and gamers in general, anticipate the mature-themed title. Going for a mature rating also meant a darker, grittier story, which no one was going to be upset about. Star Wars game as of late had been hit or miss, but 1313 was shaping up to be a highly anticipated game.

Why We Never Will:

Three years after the Mickey Mouse empire gobbled up Marvel (for $4 billion dollars) they spent the same amount of money to snatch up LucasFilm. George Lucas made out like a bandit, and just about everyone at LucasArts lost their jobs. No developers, no game. While there could be a slight glimmer of hope that someone decides to finish the game and release it, don’t hold your breath. Disney is willing to outsource the development of Star Wars games, but the focus of those games.

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This article was first posted on May 1, 2013