10 Awesome Original Properties To Shake Up Gaming

2013 is already set to be an awesome year in gaming, what with new entries in the Grand Theft Auto,…

Shaun Munro


2013 is already set to be an awesome year in gaming, what with new entries in the Grand Theft Auto, Tomb Raider, Sim City and Gears of War franchises to name just a few. But as gamers we’re often too reliant on tried and tested formulas; what about original intellectual properties? E3 served up its fair share of surprises this year, and as we head into 2013, there’s the hope that at least a few of these promising projects might fulfil their full potential, as some of them just might shake up the very foundation of video games as we know them.

Here are 10 original video game projects due for release in 2013 that we’ve put all of our faith in…


10. Nuclear Union

We can never get enough of post-apocalyptic video games, and the likes of Fallout and STALKER have proven that in the right hands, they can be both timely and extremely atmospheric. The latest game of this type on our radar is Nuclear Union; get past the relatively generic title and what you have is a game that seems to be bursting with ambition and potential. The premise is that of an alternate history, whereby the Cuban Missile Crisis had devastating consequences, with an all-out nuclear war that resulted in a modern-day Soviet Union forming, an underground State that slowly managed to legitimise itself in the fifty years following the bombs dropping.

While the idea of a post-apocalyptic video game is hardly the most original idea going, we love it when games mince around with history, especially when they do it in an intelligent way, and from what we’ve seen so far, Nuclear Union is set to do just that. What’s more, not only is it a role-playing game, but it’s one that’s designed exclusively for Windows, meaning that developers Best Way don’t need to tone the game down to try and cater for the lesser abilities of consoles. This has the potential to be a balls-out experience that’s unrivalled in 2013.