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How many time have you seen a computer characters pet and thought “I want one?!” Looking at the pets across the ages which ones would make your top ten of the ones you want to have? The world of gaming is changing and characters pets are getting more prominent roles in the games. They are used to search and find items and they can provide a special ability to you. They are becoming invaluable and giving that little bit extra to the game.

So without further delay, the top ten video game pets that make you say “I have to get me one of those!” are…

10. Daigoro

Diagoro Gif

Daigoro is the Aeon, Yojimbos, pet. A dog like creature that attacks on the command of his owner and who you can control through bribery. This pet’s graceful moves mean that you don’t have to get hurt and the battle can last longer, hopefully ending in victory. Daigoros loyalty is outstanding and he will never leave Yojimbos side.

Even though this is not a pet whose owner you can control directly, it is absolutely still worth a mention as he pops up in a few different Final Fantasies over the years and he is not the only pet that has come from Final Fantasy.

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This article was first posted on October 17, 2013