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There is only one thing that can make video game lovers both jump for joy and cringe at the same time: film adaptations.

Video games that are selected for film have to be popular in order to attract an audience, fast-paced, and usually have a good story. These are excellent qualities for a potential Hollywood blockbuster, but that doesn’t mean that our favorite games will translate well onto the silver screen.

Unlike the Tomb Raider franchise, which many believe has had the most successful game to film transition, some games are either too long, too short, too broad, or too narrow to breach the gap between great video game and great film. There are other issues that can manifest as well; should the proposed film be live action, or would it appeal to audiences better if it’s purely CGI? Could an animated film be successful, or are we alienating most of the audience-base by doing so?

Then, if all the logistics are ironed out and a video game film is created, there’s still the pesky question of whether or not the writers and producers actually pieced the puzzle together correctly and did an admirable job.

With all the possible pitfalls of the game to film transition, here are a few incredible games we hope the powers that be never try to use:

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This article was first posted on October 6, 2013