10 Awful Video Game Spin-Offs That Insult The Original

1. Metal Gear Survive


Let's face it, Metal Gear Survive was never going to be a Metal Gear title. In the absence of its creator, the saga of Big Boss will likely never continue (at least not in the way it was intended), replaced instead by whatever ideas Konami comes up with to milk the name for all it's worth, starting with Survive.

A competent survival - and dare we say it, briefly enjoyable at times - game it may be, but it doesn't excuse the fact that Survive is not only derivative, grindy and plagued by microtransactions, but a blatant attempt at whoring the Metal Gear name out for additional sales.

Konami could have slapped literally any other name on the box and nobody would have realised the connection, but it just couldn't help itself.

Ironically, the desired effect backfired anyway. Survive's sales are a fraction of The Phantom Pain's within the same time period. Who could have foreseen that coming?

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