10 Awful Video Game Spin-Offs That Insult The Original

10. Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate

Armature Studio

Arkham Origins Blackgate is a simple case of a great idea with poor execution. A Metroidvania game with a Batman skin draped over it, you'd think the two would be a better fit than Harley Quinn and The Joker, but no, not quite.

Armature Studio didn't utterly embarrass Rocksteady's mainline games with Blackgate, but the entire 2.5D adventure felt ever-so-rushed from start to finish. Due to the weaker hardware, combat - one of the series' defining features - had to be drastically diluted and an excessive amount of backtracking following new gadget unlocks became a chore. Yes, it's to be expected, given the game's inspiration, but in the absence of respawning enemies, constantly retracing steps back to previously cleared areas quickly became tiresome.

And that's assuming you could even find your way to the desired location. Blackgate's map system appears to have been designed to intentionally encourage its players to get lost in its labyrinthine layout and subsequently give up out of boredom.

Stick to the console versions.


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