10 Batman Gaming Apps We Would Love To See

Batman is often considered to be the greatest superhero of all. And why shouldn’t he? Not only he is a…

Alejandro Montanaro



Batman is often considered to be the greatest superhero of all. And why shouldn’t he? Not only he is a brilliant detective that manages to triumph over the most difficult situations, but he is also a great fighter, who trained all over the world in order to become the great man we all know and love.

Many of us would like to take on the mantle and see if we could be a a Batman as good as Bruce Wayne is, and while we have several games that allow us to become Batman, we would also like to have something on the go.

With several devices that allow us to do incredible things – from playing games and reading books while we are on the bus or in the school – you would think that Warner Bros. would come up with creative and interesting apps that would let us be involved in Gotham City while we’re on the streets… sadly, they haven’t come up with many.

Which is really weird, because if we consider how many adventures Batman has been in different comics, movies and TV shows, there’s a lot of material to create some good apps or games that would be great to see in a cellphone or on a tablet. And after a lot of thinking, I’ve come up with a list of 10 apps that I’d love to see in the near feature…


10. Climbing The Pit

The Pit

This one would have to be a mini-game, but it definitely would be a very interesting one. While The Dark Knight Rises has the fanbase divided on whether or not it was a good finale to a 7 year old franchise, there’s a particular moment that we can all agree that it is one of the greatest scenes not only in a Batman movie, but also one of the greatest we saw last year. The scene where Bruce climbs the pit was so incredible and emotional that I’m sure it will be remembered for years to come.

Making a game based on this scene would be tricky, but not impossible. You would have to make use of the touchscreen to climb up the pit, and to make it more interesting, you would have to watch out for different hazards and, make use of the chant the other prisoners are making to boost your fear (remember what the old man said about how fear before Bruce made his last attempt) and once you’ve reached the top, it would depend on how much “fear” you’ve gained if you make the jump or not.

Sure, it would be a simple game, but it doesn’t have to be complicated if you want to make something great. It will be pretty cool to live that particular moment from the movie in game form.