10 Best Horror Games You’ve Probably Never Played

Video games are becoming an extremely saturated market and sadly due to many reasons many people skipped over some really…

Juan Valencia



Video games are becoming an extremely saturated market and sadly due to many reasons many people skipped over some really cool games that should have been more recognized. The horror genre in games is also branching out and combining action with some horror elements and while I think that’s OK, some people think that’s bad (look at the reception of Resident Evil 6 or any newer Silent Hill game) – it’s a shame since the genre allows for a huge spectrum of  sub-genres and play styles.

I’ve always been open minded and even if a game/movie/book/album gets horrendous reception I’ll check it out so I’ve ended up playing many underrated gems (and other games that aren’t even worth mentioning) and since I’ve always been interested in horror I’ve searched high and low for the next best thing.

Thankfully, I’ve mostly found great games and these are just some of the titles that got underlooked due to many reasons – they shouldn’t be that hard to find thanks to sites like eBay, Steam, GOG and Amazon, and a good chunk of the PC games in here should be easy to install and run even on older PCs, so hold on tight and let’s start this countdown.

Note: they aren’t arranged in order of importance or value, so no game should be considered better or worse…


10. Harvester – DOS


In the ’90s, FMV games were pretty common, but sadly very few ended up being good just because FMV’s limit gameplay harshly and while many of them only have some cheesy value, some of them tried to innovate and push the envelope in terms of content. Harvester was one of those games.

It’s a point and click/interactive movie/2D action game (?) where you play as Steve, who wakes up in the Lynch-like town of Harvester during 1953. He can’t remember a thing, apparently you are getting married and everyone is absolutely insane.

Every character is memorable and they all add to the game’s extremely creepy and disturbing atmosphere (Your “mom” is obsessed with a cookie sale and keeps your “father” locked in an S&M kind of dungeon with blood splatters everywhere, the fire department is mostly firemen posing topless, there’s a woman obsessed with wasps, etc.). However it starts getting darker and darker until it unleashes it’s gory visuals and they are extremely graphic  especially for a 1996 game.

There’s also a combat system later on but it’s fairly limited and it’s extremely clunky as well. But at least they tried to pull something like that off in an FMV game.

Overall this is a game you play mostly for the disturbing atmosphere and visuals and it’s very entertaining but installing it can be very difficult due to the fact that you need to use DosBOX to install it and run it.