10 Best Keyblades In Kingdom Hearts History

From Oblivion to Ultima and back again.

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Keyblades are as synonymous to Kingdom Hearts as Disney or Final Fantasy characters. This mysterious weapon appears in every entry in the series, and takes on many different appearances depending on the Keychain attached. Said Keychains are unlocked in several different ways, either by completing the Disney worlds or defeating hidden boss fights.

Each one also edits a number of abilities, strength and magic, before turning the Keyblade into something completely new. To that end, part of the fun of getting a new Keyblade is figuring out what it's best for, and who it's best against.

Whether it be due to design, power, magic, abilities or ease of access, each Keyblade has its own strengths and weaknesses, and to that end, I'll endeavour to put together the ten best Keyblades in the Kingdom Hearts franchise so far.

Which is best? Let me know your own ranking in the comments, and read on to find out.


10. Kingdom Key

Kingdom key kingdom hearts
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The Kingdom Key has become as much of a symbol for Kingdom Hearts as Sora himself.

It may not have the most power or magic ability out of all of the other Keyblades in the series, but it makes up for this with balanced stats and a helpful ability boost. The Kingdom Key is so good, many players end up sticking to it throughout the whole game.

Kingdom Hearts II introduced Abilities for Keyblades, meaning that each had a special ability that gave different bonuses. Kingdom Key has the Critical Defender, which halves damage taken when health is at a critical level. This ability is great for Critical difficulty, making the boss battles a lot more manageable.

Kingdom Key is by no means the best Keyblade in any of the games it appears in, but its iconic status as the symbol of Kingdom Hearts and balanced stats makes it well worth wielding in its own right.


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