10 Best PlayStation 4 Indie Games

Smaller budgets and less publisher pressure leads to far more creativity and innovation. Simple.

It doesn't feel like so many years ago that indie games were just something you'd play on your internet browser, or basic little offerings that were available to download for free. But with the rise of digital gaming platforms, that has all changed, and a crucial front of this generation's console war has been indie gaming. Of the two main living room consoles, the PlayStation 4 initially played all the right cards to woo indie developers, handing out free dev kits for the powerful Unity engine, and receiving glowing appraisals for how smooth Sony made the process to put up and promote indie games on the PlayStation Store. While Microsoft is steadily u-turning on its blunder in the build-up to the Xbox One release - when it said to everyone but Sony's chagrin that indie developers wouldn't be able to self-publish on the console - the PS4 is charging on full-steam ahead. Developers are flocking to the console, creating a veritable panoply of games that are often more popular than their AAA counterparts. This list amalgamates the best of longstanding PS4 indie classics with more recent offerings. We have everything from awesome pixel platformers that prove local multiplayer gaming is alive and well, to lovingly-crafted exploration games that make a strong case in the video games-as-art debate - even a particular title that combined two seemingly unrelated sports to create one of the big sensations of 2015.

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