10 Best PS4 Games (So Far)

Amazing games that deserve a place in your PlayStation 4 library.

Tom Butler


Sony Computer Entertainment
Sony Computer Entertainment

It’s coming on for ten months since the PlayStation 4 launched here in the west, and the console has had a very healthy 2014 so far. Sony’s seventh generation console has managed to beat out the competitors in terms of sales, helping the company top the global console sales list this fiscal year.

While its competitor the Xbox One has focused heavily on being an ‘all-in-one’ entertainment box, Sony have seemed keen to present PlayStation 4 as a console for gamers. That’s not to say the console hasn’t been making full use of modern technology though, with features such as the game streaming with PlayStation Now and a dedicated ‘share’ button that enables a live view of friend’s gameplay.

It’s still early days for Sony’s console, meaning that PlayStation 4 doesn’t have an extensive library of killer exclusives just yet. Despite this, there’s still a number of brilliant titles available, particularly thanks to the brilliant output from the PlayStation Store.

This list takes a look at the best games that have been released for the PlayStation 4 so far. While there are many more incredible exclusives and multi-plats still to come throughout the consoles lifespan, these are 10 games that no-one with a PlayStation 4 ought to miss out on.