10 Biggest Open-Worlds In Video Game History

5. Just Cause 3 €“ 400mi2

Sticking very much to the blueprint set by its predecessor, Just Cause 3 moves the action over to the fictional mediterranean island of Medici but keeps the map the same size - which is fine, as it really didn't need any expanding. True to the series' tradition, the Medici archipelago is absolutely gorgeous, and is exactly the kind of place you'd happily go on a budget European holiday to (if the idea of supporting a murderous dictatorship doesn't prick your conscience too much). It's all azure blue waters, lavender fields and sleepy towns nestled on clifftops, reachable by winding rural roads. Explore other parts of the world and you'll venture into deserts and snowy mountain ranges, proving that you can have diverse landscapes on a single seamless map. With that said, most of the pleasures are surface-level, and down on the ground the locals don't have much personality. But that's never the intention of Just Cause 3, and the locals' vapidity means that you won't feel guilty when you tie them to two buildings using your tethers, then use the new 'tighten' button to catapult them into a mountain.
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