10 Biggest Open-Worlds In Video Game History

3. Fuel - 5,560mi2

How big is too big for an open-world game? This post-apocalyptic open-world racer certainly flirts with answering that question, offering one of the biggest sandboxes in video game history. At the best of times, the game looks and feels awesome, as you bomb across desolate, ruined fields with burning oil fields in the distance, bounce over undulating sand-dunes on your quad-bike, or weave among the ruined trees of a deforested region. But for all those moments of brilliance, the majority of the world does feel like a cut-and-paste job, and the races and challenges littered around the map just don't do enough to engage you. Kudos to CodeMasters for their ambition, as the game does offer the occasional sublime moment (see adrenaline-inducing image above), but overall Fuel feels more like a therapeutic sandbox than an actual game.
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