10 Biggest WTF Video Game Moments Of 2016 (So Far)

Nathan Drake may be a thief, but another game's concept art? Come on!


So we have reached the halfway point of 2016, and with E3 in full swing (and our acerbic breakdown of it happening constantly), now's the perfect time to reflect and recoil over all those moments that made you go 'What the f-iddlestick WAS that?!?'

Sure, there have been plenty of wonderful things to celebrate in video games this year, but you can take your swooning elsewhere.

In this here list we'll be tearing into power-mad publishers, jeering at console manufacturers, and laughing at perplexing design decisions in otherwise fantastic video games released in 2016.

Admit it. It sounds a hell of a lot more fun than talking about great and wonderful everything is, right?

Of course, so read on and join me for the biggest WTF moments of the year so far.

10. Possessing A Mammoth Spirit In Far Cry Primal


Far Cry Primal was a welcome twist on a series formula that was starting to become, well, a bit formulaic. While the core gameplay of roaming an open world, capturing enemy bases and having the occasional hallucinogenic drug sequence were all there, the prehistoric setting and incredible atmosphere were enough to make it feel fresh.

About those drug sequences though; either Ubisoft ran out of ideas or the person designing them had partaken in one too many psychedelics themselves, because the sections where you possess a mammoth spirit are bizarre and - frankly - awful to play.

The idea is that your soul fuses with a mammoth's (or something) and you need to fight off the mammoth-eating tribespeople as well as rhino ghosts. The mammoth has all the turning speed of a cruise ship, and your height makes it hard to gauge whether your tusk attacks will hit enemies or thin air about 20 feet away from them.

Primal's penchant for animal bonding is all well and good, but frankly, mammoths are way more fun to hunt and kill than ride.


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