Don’t you hate it when all those awesome trailers, clips and pictures of a new game start coming out, and then the trail just goes cold? We hear nothing for weeks, then months, then sometimes years, before the developer finally tells us that the game is cancelled, if that. The reasons vary; the most common is the financial failure of the studio or an administrative shuffle around that has resulted in job losses, while controversy and undisclosed factors are not that uncommon either. It’s a shame because, as this list goes to show, there’s so much creative potential that gets squandered when developers don’t think their projects through fully.

Here are 10 cancelled video games that looked awesome.



10. Dirty Harry

Who wouldn’t want to play a video game in which you play as Clint Eastwood’s most famous screen character, the inimitable Harry Callahan, who represents all that is right and badass in this world? It’s a perfectly steely character to transpose to the video game medium, and back in 2007, it seemed like this all was going to happen; Eastwood himself was even on board to lend not only his likeness but his decidedly more gravelly voice to the title, which would roughly follow the plot of the film, and we assume, also beef it up a bit. However, when developer Foundation 9 closed in 2007, the game’s future was put in serious doubt despite publisher Warner Bros. Interactive stating the opposite, and given that we’ve not heard anything about the game ever since, we can assume that it’s never going to come out.

How does a Dirty Harry game not get picked up by a studio? Of all the ham-fisted efforts to adapt great films, here’s one that might actually work if given the L.A. Noire treatment.

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This article was first posted on November 22, 2012