10 Cancelled Video Games That Would Have Been Awesome

Video games are hard to make. Like, really hard. In most cases, the finished product is a million times different…

Rich Thompson



Video games are hard to make. Like, really hard. In most cases, the finished product is a million times different than the one developers had planned. Over the course of prolonged development, ideas change, characters are re-designed and altered, and entire levels are re-made from the ground up. Engines also change, and in some cases, development moves onto an entirely new platform.

Eventually a final build is created and shipped out to gamers across the world. Some games however, never see the light of day and are discarded; sometimes to be rescued by another studio, others are never heard from again.

It’s worth noting that the practice of completely abandoning a project is only really common within the video game industry. When was the last time you heard of a movie studio firing everyone on set halfway through shooting a new Hollywood blockbuster? Hell, even Firefly got 12 episodes.

Here are 10 games that you’re going to wish you could buy right now, but can’t because they’re gone. Gone forever…


10. Four Horseman Of The Apocalypse (Xbox, PS2, PC) (2002)

Developed by 3D0 in 2002. Four Horseman of the Apocalypse was intended to be a brutal action game centered around four playable characters who find themselves stranded on earth after the Rapture absolves all the faithful Christians. Presumably everyone else picked the wrong religion.

Developers promised a violently dark third-person action adventure set within a nightmarish vision of a crumbling society. There was also Demons; Lots of huge, bad-ass Demons.

Featuring the voice talents of Lance “Bishop” Henriksen and Tim Curry with creature design by the late-great SFX maestro Stan Winston; the future seemed bright for this disturbing new action adventure. Sadly, 3D0 studios filled for bankruptcy in May 2003, crushing any hopes of the game seeing a release

Creator Michael Mendheim has reportedly expressed interest in resurrecting the property. So, everyone… start praying.