10 Critically Acclaimed Video Games That Players Hated

1. Star Wars: Battlefront 2


Metacritic Score: 78

User Score: 0.9

Despite not even being out for the majority of players (at the time of writing), Battlefront 2 has already received a kicking from fans picking up the game early.

With their ire being primarily focused on the insidious free-to-play mentality that's haunted the shooter for the past few months, EA's desire to hoover up as much money as possible from players rightfully hasn't gone down well, leading to a huge backlash surrounding the Star Wars title.

The criticism isn't entirely focused on the business side of things though, as players are just as annoyed with the incredibly disappointing single-player that was hyped up so much in the lead up to the sequel's release.

Clocking in at around five hours max and apparently not even sustaining a compelling gameplay loop for the whole duration of that paltry runtime, players' first look at a true Star Wars story from EA has completely underwhelmed, only fuelling the outrage surrounding the sequel.

Consequently, despite having so much promise when it was first announced, Star Wars Battlefront 2 might end up being even more disappointing than the original was back in 2015.

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