10 Essential Nintendo Switch Games Every New Owner Must Play

Getting the most out of your new console, one game at a time.

Nintendo Switch Games

So you've bought a Nintendo Switch and you're looking for recommendations. There's a certain Hyrulean warrior that continues to dominate the critical landscape, but what else is out there?

Well, before we begin, let's take stock of how masterfully Nintendo have regained their footing after the thoroughly rocky life cycle of the Wii U.

Where there was a complete lack of marketing, we've seen the Switch's unveiling get welcomed with open arms. Where only a handful of system-justifying exclusives released across the last five years, the Switch launched with Breath of the Wild. Third-party support is flooding in with the likes of FIFA and Rocket League dropping later this year, the system's technical specs allow it to run many PS4 and Xbox One games - even Nintendo's E3 showing was a mic-dropping powerhouse of rumour confirmations and sequel footage.

Across the board, this is the Nintendo we've not seen throw out haymakers since the days of the Gamecube; a veritable return to hardcore gamer-pleasing form in every respect. Though they kicked out 1-2-Switch for the motion control fanatics, the really meaty takeaways come with some of their finest-playing games in years.

Put simply, if you own a Switch, you need the following titles.

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